1976 -
University of Minnesota - Ph.D., Economics.
Thesis: Two Essays in Time Series Analysis

1968 - University of Michigan - B.A., Mathematics (including actuarial science) and Economics - High Distinction.

Professional Society Memberships and Affiliations
President-Elect (2006), National Association of Forensic Economists (NAFE) and Charter Member, former  Mid-West Vice President and Board of Directors Member, 2003-2005; Econometric Society; American Economic Association; American Statistical Association; Institute of Mathematical Statistics; Royal Statistical Society (London);  American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts; National Association of Business Economists; Society for American Baseball Research.

Experience (Academic)
1989 - Faculty member (adjunct), De Paul University.

Courses Taught: Economics for Decision making; Money, Banking, and Economic Activity; Statistical Analysis (in MBA program); Business and Economic Forecasting and Applied Time Series and Forecasting (in the MA program in the Economics Department. Periods of most active status 1981-1991 and 2000-.)

1980-1985 - Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, Department of Economics. Taught various Ph.D. economics courses and served on students' Ph.D. examining and thesis committees.

1976-1980 - Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago. Taught business forecasting, and various econometrics courses, in both the PhD. and MBA Programs.

1976 - Visiting Instructor, University of Wisconsin, Department of Economics. Taught graduate macroeconomic theory course.

1974-1975 - University of Minnesota, Department of Economics. Taught in graduate microeconomic theory courses with Regents' Professor Leonid Hurwicz and Professor James Henderson.

1972-1973 - University of Minnesota, Department of Economics. Taught in graduate macroeconomic theory courses with Professors Thomas Sargent, Christopher Sims, and John Kareken.

1971- 1972 - University of Minnesota, Department of Economics. Taught in graduate microeconomic teory courses with Professors Edward Foster, Peter Clark, and Leonid Hurwicz.

1968-1971 - University of Minnesota, Department of Economics. Taught principles of economics courses.

Other Academic Activities
Referee for the leading academic journals and organizations in economics, econometrics, and statistics, including: Econometrica; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Econometrics; International Economic Review; Journal of Business; Journal of the American Statistical Association; and The Journal of Legal Economics.

Referee for book publishers, including Oxford University Press and Prentice Hall, Inc.

Referee for National Science Foundation.

Non-Academic Experience
2003 - Board Member, National Association of Forensic Economics and
Midwest Vice President.

1988 - President, Legal Econometrics, Inc.

1988-1995 - Statistician and economist engaged in baseball salary arbitration preparation and consultation.

1985-1988 - Vice President, R.C.F., Inc. Econometric methods and economics consulting.

1981 - Economics consultants for attorneys; services included providing present value calculations in personal injury/wrongul death cases; copyright infringement evaluation; and asset evaluations involving foreign denominated assets, business profits, and employment law issues.

1982-1987 - Officer in Association of Personal Computer Users (APCU), a professional micro computer group; University of Chicago I.B.M. PC User Group President, 1982-1985; APCU President, 1985-1987.

1984-1990 - Co-chairman and Chairman, Committee on Computerization, Society of Marican Baseball Resurch.

1977 - Economics consultant --time series analysis, forensic economics, and forecasting.

1973-1976 - Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota.

1971 - Assistant Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Geneva, Switzerland (4 months).